Screener IPF 513 E

Screener IPF 513 E

The IPF 513 E SCREENER can produce 3 different finished products in a single operation. Our highly flexible IPF 513 ESCREENER can be quickly moved or transported with a fifth-wheel or pintle hook (optional).

You are certain to appreciate the many advantages of the IPF 513E, including its practical, compact sides; rapid set-up, and the ease of loading materials. The minimum loading height is 10’3”.


Same as those of the IPF 513 with a second drum

• 36” variable-speed feeder belt
• 5’-diameter rotating screening drum, 13’ long
• Variable-speed rotating drum
• Diesel engine liquid cooler system
• 45-gal. (190-litre) fuel tank
• 45-gal. (190-litre) hydraulic fluid tank
• Safety panel for the diesel engine
• Brakes and running lights


• Minimum loading height: 10’3”
• Hopper width: 13’6”
• Hopper depth: 68”
• Overall width for transportation: 102”
• Overall length for transportation: 31’8”


• Can screen soil, sand and gravel
• Efficiently screens soil even when moist, using a system
of brushes for cleaning the screens that prevents blockage